UvA Green Office Podcast

Docu Chats | Before the Flood

April 28, 2021 Green Office Season 1 Episode 3
UvA Green Office Podcast
Docu Chats | Before the Flood
Show Notes

In this episode of the Docu Chats, we discuss the National Geographic documentary, Before the Flood, directed by Fisher Stevens and narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio. The documentary covers the wide range of challenges that our world and populations face in our collective fight against climate change. We talk about the Paris Climate Agreement and its accountability, green energy sources, which countries are actually going green and which ones could strive to do better. We also look into what Dicaprio has himself done for the cause of global warming, as well as how differently this process will manifest itself in different parts of the world. As always, we leave our listeners with some super practical tips on how to get involved and make changes to their own lifestyles to ensure a greener future.

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