UvA Green Office Podcast

Green Gen | Youth Activism

July 26, 2022 UvA Green Office Season 2 Episode 4
UvA Green Office Podcast
Green Gen | Youth Activism
Show Notes

Generation Z is more vocal about the need for action on climate change than older generations. Climate change has increased uncertainty about our future. As the effects of climate change intensify over time, people realize that future generations will inherit the current state of the planet. Generation Z children have grown up with social media providing them with a widespread digital platform unlike any generation before. With the rise of online climate change content among users, our generation is becoming more engaged in the issue. In this final episode of the season, Nefeli and Julia explore all aspects of our generation's commitment to climate action. Most importantly, they look at the impact of social media on Generation Z initiatives. Plus, the hosts look at the COP summit and its ambitious commitments with the help of their guest Claire, a UvA Student and environmental activist. Do not forget to think critically about your consumption habits!

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Claire’s resources:
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